Christian Aid Week 2021

This year’s Christian Aid Week runs from 10th to 16th May.

In previous years we have used the distinctive red envelopes to raise funds for Christian Aid, delivering these to homes in some streets in the parish and then returning a few days later to collect them.

Last year COVID-19 restrictions meant we couldn’t do that, and even though there are fewer constraints in 2021 we have decided to take a fresh approach.

We’ll be running a special Quiz on Saturday 15th May, 7.30 – 9pm on Zoom. Participants will be invited to make a donation to Christian Aid, and we hope to raise at least £500.

Teams will consist of up to six people aged 14 or over. Zoom breakout rooms will allow team members joining from different locations to come up with their answers together. Under 14s are welcome to take part but won’t count towards the 6-person limit.

Want to be in a team with particular people? Only one of you should register, but be ready to tell us about the others when you do. Then forward them the joining link that we’ll send you. That way, even though you join from different devices you’ll all be in the same breakout room.

Don’t have a team of your own? Register for a joining link, tell us how many people will be on your camera, and we’ll assign you to a team on the night.

Questions? Please email

If an online quiz isn’t for you, or if you aren’t free that evening, you may still like to contribute to the parish e-envelope: